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Transformational speaker, Latricia Clarissa Davis, is a sought-after executive mentor and recognized for leading the charge to advocate for the advancement of personal and spiritual growth of women leaders across the country, for over 20 years. She powerfully connects with women who are brave, bold, and beautiful by teaching them how to stand on their stories uninhibited with grace and ease. She has a unique way of masterfully identifying leader's areas of strength and guides them through a process that leads to personal and professional satisfaction; and spiritual alignment with her ground-breaking transformation mindset formula “S.H.I.F.T.” 

Her motto is “You are one shift away from your breakthrough”.

Latricia’s own journey to excellence and refusing to give up her executive seat has been fueled by an unrelenting passion for empowering people.  She is a visionary leader with global experiences which are rare for someone of such humble beginnings, who never let limited opportunities and access inhibit her resolve to rise to the status of civic leader and powerhouse entrepreneur. 

Latricia C. Davis has traveled abroad to South Africa, and throughout the Caribbean, establishing relationships, promoting engagement, and building alliances that would benefit her clientele. She has hosted a leadership conference in Toronto, Canada, and is currently making preparations to host a major initiative announcing the “GGYB National Convention” to be held in Norfolk, Virginia. Her passion to uplift and serve communities of women who have not yet fully realized their convictions, nor their full potential to achieve their dreams and ambitions, led her (as CEO) to navigate the merger of two entities serving women, into a thriving enterprise that has not only grown substantially but has curtailed the plight and exodus of women from Western New York. 

She is also the Leading Lady and Pastor at Impacting LOVE Global Ministries where she serves with her husband Apostle Garney Davis Jr. They reside in Western New York with their adult children. 

Latricia is also the CEO of Power To Emerge, a global leadership development and national event management and production company where she oversees the standard operations and procedures for all company events and overall programming.

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